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ActiveDriverDB Additional Terms of Use

 ActiveDriverDB is made available to you by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR). The following terms of use apply to ActiveDriverDB in addition to the general terms and conditions of the OICR website.

Citing ActiveDriverDB

If you plan to publish results generated by ActiveDriverDB, the OICR requests that you cite the primary publication of the database:

ActiveDriverDB: human disease mutations and genome variation in post-translational modification sites of proteins

Michal Krassowski, Marta Paczkowska, Kim Cullion, Tina Huang, Irakli Dzneladze, B. F. Francis Ouellette, Joseph T. Yamada, Amelie Fradet-Turcotte, Jüri Reimand

Nucleic Acids Research, gkx973,


ActiveDriverDB is comprised of source code of the database and data stored in the database.

Source code

Your use of the source code is governed by LGPL 2.1 licence. Full text of the licence is available in our GitHub repository.


ActiveDriverDB uses data derived from publicly available sources which may or may not have restrictions on their use. Below are links to the datasets from which ActiveDriverDB has generated results. Please visit the individual sites for license details on such datasets. It is incumbent on you to determine what restrictions may or may not apply to such datasets.

Data you may provide

If, in your use of ActiveDriverDB, you plan to submit genomic data, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to do so. It is your responsibility to ensure that the submitted data is in accord with the original participant consent in addition to all applicable laws, regulations, and institutional policies. OICR is not responsible for any damages or losses resulting from any misuse of the data you submit.

Any personal information or personal health information you may provide to OICR in using ActiveDriverDB is governed by OICR’s Website Privacy Statement. If you chose to upload data to the password protected area, OICR will delete this data after seven (7) days. Please note, these data are not encrypted for storage.

Please also note that OICR uses Google Analytics to collect aggregate information such as basic usage statistics of ActiveDriverDB.


ActiveDriverDB is provided on an “as-is, as available” basis. OICR makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness or currency of any content displayed through ActiveDriverDB.

ActiveDriverDB is designed for informational purposes only. ActiveDriverDB does not provide medical advice or professional services, and should not be relied upon as such. The information provided through ActiveDriverDB is not intended as a substitute for medical professional help or advice, but is to be used only as an aid in understanding current scientific knowledge. A physician should always be consulted for any health problem or question, or medical condition. Use of or reliance on the information displayed through ActiveDriverDB is at your own risk.

OICR is not responsible for any scientific data you may upload to our servers while using ActiveDriverDB.